The CinePostproduction sound department offers the full range of audio services: editing, sound design and sound mixing in all formats (including Dolby Atmos) – for feature films, TV-movies and -series.

The Munich sound department offers two fully compatible digital studios, a facility that is unique in Germany. Within a short timeframe, a film can be edited concurrently in two studios or two projects can be coordinated at the same time.


ReferencesSkifaszination, Gnade, Marie Brand und das Mädchen im Ring, Hector and the Search for Happiness, Kriegerin
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TeamJulian Niesner, Moritz Grötsch, Felix Haller, Julian Horntasch, Georg Miros, Sophia Salazar-Vollé, Nena Stauber, Mario Steinbeißer, Viktor Gette, Jacob Dietz, Chippy Voichita, Klaus Weger, Rainer Waxenberger, Sabrina Rühl, Frank Rohlfing, Robert Glöckner, Manuel Georg, Tina Falke, Thomas Ramin