CinePostproduction has been able to develop a stereoscopic workflow that boasts top-notch image quality and production reliability, as well as ease and convenience in the process of dailies, editing and grading.

Providing stereoscopic corrected dailies to your editor and team takes a lot of strain from your brain (now look at that!).
Take advantage of our
mobile stereoscopic cinema on wheels to directly preview your footage on-set.

During final color grading  there´s a depth grading involved, making sure that your stereoscopic images “sit” in the right space.

ReferencesDie Vermessung der Welt, Tarzan, Konferenz der Tiere, Nanga Parbat, Topper gibt nicht auf 3D
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TeamViktor Gette, Jacob Dietz, Robert Glöckner, Manuel Georg, Tina Falke, Thomas Ramin