Berlin, 25.09.2014 - Starting September 2014, CinePostproduction GmbH will offer distribution of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) via it ́s in-house content delivery network. Interested cinemas will be able to receive feature films via the DCP portal SHARC and the new SHARC download client directly over their own broadband connection – in parallel to the established hard drive delivery system.

The cinema retains full control of ongoing downloads and can distribute bandwidth according to it ́s needs. The SHARC distribution system offers a tightly integrated service of DCP harddrive- and e-delivery. “With our hybrid logistics system CinePostproduction guarantees on-time delivery of every ordered DCP.” says Thomas Ramin, CTO of CinePostproduction and adds: “It is our goal to simplify DCP-, trailer- and KDM-handling in cinemas as much as possible by integrating our SHARC distribution system in the cinemas infrastructure.” To that end, the SHARC trailer portal and SHARC Key Delivery Message (KDM) services will be firmly integrated with the content delivery network.

For development of the SHARC distribution system CinePostproduction also relies on proven industry solutions. A partnership with Aspera, an IBM company helps guarantee robust, safe and efficient data transfers. Aspera’s FASP file transfer technology is well-established within the media industry. It facilitates transfers of large amounts of encrypted data, while utilizing available bandwidth with maximum efficiency.

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